Great reminder!


> It’s been a few months and your Substack has 27 subscribers.

Your YouTube views are stuck in the double digits.

Self-doubt starts creeping in…maybe this creator thing was just a pipe dream?


Remind yourself that overnight success is a scam. Consistency and persistence are key. The creators who make it are grinding day in, day out — for years.

Your first year is all about learning and laying foundations. Don’t obsess over vanity metrics. Focus on your skills and build real connections within your niche.

You’ll look back in 12 months and be amazed at your progress. But only if you stick with it.

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I appreciate you saying what most creators think at some time or another. Especially the quitting to soon.

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It feels reassuring to know that there are others going through exactly the same ups and downs, wins and self-doubts. Not quitting too soon . . . .

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